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How Pellet Grills Stand Out

If you’re serious about your barbecue, you know that your choice of grill matters. If you intend to do serious smoking or advanced grilling, you’re going to want to invest in something a little tougher than a twenty dollar Memorial Day weekend special from the hardware store. Have you considered going with a pellet grill? Here’s what makes them distinctive.

What Makes A Pellet Grill?

A pellet grill is, as you might guess from the name, fed by wood pellets. This is far from their only distinguishing characteristic, though. Pellet grills also contain automated electric machinery that regulates the supply of fuel going into the grill’s firebox. That translates into fast ignition and consistent temperatures – perfect traits in an advanced grilling machine.

Less Hassle, Less Mess

Because most pellet grills can hold a considerable supply of fuel before they need to be topped off (usually 20 pounds or more), they don’t need constant tending the way a charcoal or wood-burning grill does. The all-natural hardwood pellets that you feed into the grill are also very clean burning, living behind minimal ashy residue. That translates into faster cleanup when your grilling is done.

Pinpoint Control

Now you’re coming to the heart of the pellet grill, the factors that truly make it a supreme barbecuing machine. Every pellet grill contains an internal thermostat. While cheaper models may only give you a choice between low, medium, and high heat, really good grills offer you unbeatable precision. Because these grills are designed with the greatest care, they’re able to reach an exact temperature and stay there for as long as they have fuel. When you’re grilling, that translates into a trustworthy cooker that you can actually leave unattended without fear.

Better Flavors

You can feed a pellet grill all of the same high-quality woods that can go into a conventional grill – hickory, mesquite, apple, cedar, maple, and so on. When you use your grill for slow smoking, the subtle flavors of the wood are gradually transferred into your meat, resulting in a delicious final product. Real barbecue enthusiasts have noted that pellet grills tend to produce a distinctly delicate and subtle flavor when you use them for smoking. They’re free of the acrid, sometimes harsh notes that can develop in wood or charcoal grills due to inconsistencies in temperature.

Premium Quality

As noted above, most pellet grills are amazingly well-built machines. That means you can expect to get many years of hassle-free service out of a properly chosen grill. It does introduce the one drawback of these complex cookers, though: They are invariably expensive. Securing the reliability and precision that are so closely associated with pellet grills will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That means that this is probably not the right tool for the twice-a-year barbecuer. You’re going to want to get plenty of use out of your pellet grill to make your investment pay off. Fortunately, most of them are built to take the strain!

Compared to the time-tested technology involved in basic grilling, pellet grills are still extremely new. Their rapid adoption by expert barbecuers and rising popularity demonstrate that this novelty is not just a fad. If you’re ready to step your grilling up to the next level, consider finding yourself a reliable pellet grill.

Tips For Choosing The Right BBQ

A lovely summer’s day should go along with an enjoyable BBQ experience.
Food Grilled in Summer
However, you have to go out and get a new BBQ first, or things are not going to work out as planned. Your vision needs an excellent solution that is going to help you cook up a wonderful meal and grill away with ease.

So, how do you go about choosing a new BBQ in this day and age? What factors do you focus in on as a buyer and what do you ignore? Let’s take a look.

1) Figure Out What You Will Be Grilling

Begin by figuring out what you are going to be using this for. Are you going to be using it for gentle grilling (i.e. fish or chicken(? Are you going to be using it for heavier grilling? It is all about knowing what you need as that is when you will understanding how many BTUs you have to target.

Lighter grilling will be okay with something in the 35,000-40,000 BTUs range. However, for steaks, you will have to up the ante and move towards 50,000 BTUs.

2) Know How Many People Will Be Fed At Once

How many people are you going to be grilling for at once? Is it just for your immediate family? Are you always going to have large gatherings? You have to figure this out because the last thing you want is to have to do multiple rounds. This will leave everyone disappointed.

3) List Budget Immediately

You should also have a set amount in your mind. Sure, you can veer off here and there, but you should still have a solid figure in mind. This is only going to make things easier for you, and that is what matters. If you are not doing this, you are only wasting time.

You could end up searching something that is nice but doesn’t fit your budget. Don’t let this happen.

4) Go With Trusted North American Providers

You should not be going with unknown brands when it comes to this purchase. It is a risk you shouldn’t have to take with how many valuable options are on offer in this industry. You should be ready to take a proper look at the choices here and decide what is going to work.

The best North American providers will give you an abundance of options to choose from, so you are not going to be left with nothing.

These are the tips you are going to require when it comes to selecting a new BBQ. It is going to be a process that is fun and will take time. You are going to need to do research as to what you require and have a good understanding of that vision you have.

BBQs are easy to buy when you have these details in place and recognize what has to be done before you pay for a new product.

Go through these tips and relax knowing you have made a solid choice that is going to last.