Pro Review: Las Vegas Marijuana Laws

Medical and recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Nevada in 8th November 2016. Since Las Vegas is in Nevada, the same law applies. Any recreational user at the age of 21 and above can purchase any amount of marijuana, up to a restriction of 1 ounce at once. For those medical marijuana users of 18 and above years of age, can purchase it only with a valid medical card from Nevada as well as another state. Minors can also purchase marijuana with a valid medical card but as long the parent or guardian signs the release form while acting as the minor’s primary caregiver.

There is a 15% excise tax added to every purchase. Medical users of 18 and above years can purchase 2.5 ounces of marijuana within a two week period but only with a valid medical card. The rule applies to all the variations of the product, including concentrates, baked goods, topicals and other edibles. The calculation was determined by using the overall weight of the cannabinoids in any of the products. For instance, one can purchase a certain weight in marijuana candy bars and the remaining in concentrates or topicals within 14 days.

Parents can choose to stop at various marijuana dispensaries to beat their weight totals. However, all the purchases are tracked throughout the state of Nevada in real-time to avoid such acts. Currently, there are some marijuana dispensaries that have been opened all over the states and some recreational shops already in the process. There is a complete list of the licensed distributors online that you can find simply by searching medical marijuana Las Vegas Nevada.

las vegas dispensary listThe recreational dispensaries in each county are determined by the overall geographical size. Therefore, since Las Vegas is one of the largest counties in Nevada, it’s bound to have more recreational shops. The opening and closing times for these dispensaries will be determined by the local government. Therefore, they should be operational during the established times. For instance, in Las Vegas, the local marijuana dispensaries run from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Note that, the consumption of marijuana is for private use since it’s illegal to smoke in public, in a vehicle or on any federal land. Some hotels and restaurants might permit smoking of cigarettes but might deny the use of marijuana in their establishments because of the federal law demands in place. For instance, smoking in casinos is legal, but they might take time to allow marijuana smoking because meeting the gaming and gambling regulations can be very tough.

Therefore, if you’re taking the product in Las Vegas or the entire state of Nevada, it’s advisable to do it privately. That’s because if you’re caught doing it, you are charged with a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $1000 and/or 6 months in jail. The same goes for driving under the influence of the product. Law officers can determine those driving under the influence of marijuana by requesting blood or urine sample as well as a field sobriety test.

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